5 Video Production Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

The whole world seems to be in a hurry with little time for the distractions found online. How can a business like yours get its message across without the potential customer being distracted and drawn away? The brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. When people visit your website, offer them video to grab their attention. Online video is growing rapidly, and it is beginning to dominate the web. Every business needs to leverage the gains of video marketing to their advantage. The following trends are important to watch, and utilize the ones that compliment your business and products.

Short Video Production for Social Media

Different viewing platforms require various viewing lengths to engage with consumers. Social media participants have less patience, and engaging them requires meeting them on their terms. Fast and to the point videos are the format for the social media crowd if you want to engage them on their turf. You also want to be sure the video is geared to their buying habits.

Video Production

Maximize the Video Content You Create

Your next video shoot can incorporate more content, which can then be produced into different lengths to satisfy the needs of each platform you use. Short videos can be linked to longer legacy pieces. Marketers are taking advantage of pre-production planning in order to capitalize on their video shoots. With the right planning, several video projects can be accomplished with a single shoot, which saves time and money.

Multi Camera Live Streaming

Corporate presentations, entertainment, weddings, and other events produced with multi-camera streaming are becoming popular because they are an inexpensive means of bring a live event to a huge audience. The opportunities for post-production content are also driving this trend.

Demand for Higher Quality Images

Technology has created a new breed of video cameras that produce images with amazing high resolution quality. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated and are demanding quality in the video production they view.

Drones for Aerial Shooting

If you are not on the drone bandwagon yet, you need to consider climbing on board. You may not be able to afford the cost of hiring a helicopter for the stunning aerial shots you want in your videos, but drones are inexpensive and make it possible. Watch for drone use to explode this year. There are things you should take into consideration to keep yourself out of trouble when using a drone, just to be sure.

Watch the way video is trending, and determine how you can adapt it into your marketing campaigns.


How to Get Affordable Website Design

How to Get Affordable Website Design

If you are planning to go a step ahead in your ecommerce venture, then there are chances that you might start your venture with a very limited capital that will eventually make you to look out for affordable ecommerce websites. Fortunately, website design market of flourished with a wide range of low cost ecommerce solutions, thus opening a gate for you to get the best affordable ecommerce websites for your business venture.

Basic ecommerce solutions like website templates, software and tools are fairly enough for any new business venture to set up its own online store easily. Once you start with affordable website design you might face problems like software with limited shopping cart option and relatively small number of product descriptions, but it will help you in carving a base for your business in already flourishing ecommerce market.

Ecommerce solutions that will grow with your business give you liberty to upgrade them with your growing business while keeping the development steady. Before jumping on any conclusion, make list of features you want in your online store and also ensure that your website design company is providing them as a part of your affordable ecommerce website package with no hidden charges.

How to Get Affordable Website Design

Most of the website design packages come with pre-set website templates, which you can get customized as per your store requirement. Its ease to use for your prospective customers should take high priority on your business propaganda if you wish to flourish in the market. Also, you need to ensure whether your ecommerce solution is offering website hosting as a package or not. If yes, then double check, whether there is a need for any contract or not to avoid hurdles in the long run.

If you wish to move on to another host in future after your business gains pace, make sure your current service provider offers you direct access to your customers information. Also, decide whether you want to be standalone online store or want to get your website listed on prominent market places for attracting more customers. These days, most of the online marketplaces offers integration of e-shops to standalone ecommerce entities.

Always go for authentic online transaction system manly through credit/debit cards or third party transactions to have a strong ecommerce base for your business. So, before you decide on venturing into ecommerce make sure you have these points clear in your mind for a successful business. Choose from the best developers on market http://mage4u.com/services/ and get benefits!