Top 5 Software Development Companies In Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand is globally renowned for its innovative, creative and entrepreneurial edge. In fact, New Zealand ranked 13th in the world by 2012’s Global Innovation Index. The most important companies for software development in New Zealand are based in Christchurch (11.7%), Wellington (22.5%) and Auckland (51%).

Despite the impossibility of fairly ranking or comparing the top software technology companies due to differing client requirements, the following are our pick for the 5 top most companies at present time.

  1. Pattern

Pattern is an Auckland based leading software Technology Company with a hard working, professional and vibrant team that is taking on the world. The talented team focuses on providing clients with persuasive digital experiences across a range of media. Through its Lean & Agile software development methodologies, they have a wide range of renowned clients such as coastguard New Zealand, miss crab, Simtics and many more.

They develop their products using Microsoft.Net technology stack together with a number of new front-end technologies and have specialties in Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Mobile Development and Other Tools and Products like Magento, uCommerce for Umbraco, and Umbraco Content Management.


With a revenue growth of $22 million for the second time, BCS Group is ranked as one of the top five software companies in New Zealand. The remarkable revenue growth has come mostly from Australia and Asia; mainly baggage handling systems at Malaysian airports. This group has also been flourishing in the courier logistics business in Australia.

With over 300 staff around the world and headquartered in New Zealand, the company has a broad reach (directly and through partners) across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. This company mainly concentrates on manufacturing and software development in airport services and the freight industry and has adopted technology to create a virtual workforce.


Datacom wins the top spot in terms of annual wealth growth with revenue of $556m in 2013. A key triumph for the company over the last year was the booming opening of the new Kapua Data Centre in Hamilton. Another positive outcome for the company was a major contract with the Australian Taxation Office.

Datacom has also increased its focus on both commercial and government cloud customers.


Fisher & Paykel Healthcare had growth of 22% in 2013 and ranked amongst the TIN100’s highest growth companies. The company reported an after tax profit of $77 million and an overall revenue of $556 million.

Highlights for the past year include record operating revenue and net profit after tax, further growth in new respiratory applications and new product developments as well as product releases. This High-tech Manufacturing Company particularly focuses on removing wastage within the supply chain and lean manufacturing processes.


For the last three years Orion Health has seen an annual growth of around $20 million. The company has increased sales noticeably to both North America and Europe In the last year. As ‘Obama Care’ universal healthcare initiatives have started to come into effect, this company is expected to experience a further significant increase in growth in the coming years. In quite a lot of areas, automation is required by the President’s ambitious program (mostly, clinical workflow, direct secure messaging of health data, integration software and health information exchanges), and Orion is up-and-coming as the leading vendor which will drive the company’s growth.

The above 5 software development companies represent an exciting growth of tech related industry in Auckland and New Zealand as a whole, and will be at the forefront of advances in the country now and in the future. It is fair to say that with such stellar examples, New Zealand is perfectly placed to compete and stake a claim in the innovation of software services on the world stage.