What is a Toxic Backlink Profile – Why is it so Bad for SEO?

What is a Toxic Backlink Profile – Why is it so Bad for SEO?

The world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is never changing, but one area in focus of recent times has been the topic of toxic backlinks. Following recent updates from Google (e.g. Panda/Penguin) many links acquired in the past have been deemed as toxic. In this article we explore toxic links, how they contribute to a toxic backlink profile and explore why this is bad for SEO?

What is a Toxic Backlink?
A toxic backlink is any backlink to a site which is considered harmful or dangerous to the welfare of the site, much like toxic chemicals would be considered harmful to the human body.

Reasons For Toxic Backlinks
The following are a list of reasons why a backlink may be toxic:

  • The link is on an irrelevant site, e.g. a link to a sports site which is on an arts site
  • The link has over-optimised anchor text, e.g. “SEO services in Altrincham, Cheshire”
  • A link from a low quality site (possible reasons). A site:
  • which only has pages with links on (e.g. guest posts only)
  • a low value site, e.g. forum, low value directory, social bookmarking, etc.
  • with bad SEO trust (e.g. bad backlink building practices)
  • which has bad content (e.g. spun content, lots of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, much if not all of the content on the site is plagiarised)

What is a Toxic Backlink Profile?
A toxic backlink profile is one which contains a disproportionate amount of toxic backlinks. Any website can rank well with a low number of toxic backlinks but an excessive number will drive the ranking of the site down the search engines.

What is a Toxic Backlink Profile - Why is it so Bad for SEO

Over-optimised anchor text can become a real problem if a website targets lots of links for the same anchor text, e.g. for an SEO Company, lots of links to “SEO Company”, “SEO Altrincham”, “SEO services in Altrincham, Cheshire”. This is likely to be treated as an unnatural backlink profile – SEO is all about “making the unnatural look natural”.

Why Is This Bad For SEO?
A toxic backlink profile is really bad for SEO and can push a site heavily down the rankings, irrespective if all other factors about the site are good. Many sites have lost ranking positions due to past poor backlink building practices (usually through employing 3rd party SEO Companies). Ranking drops for this reason have been prolific following Google Panda and Penguin updates.

Tools to Analyse Your Backlink Profile
There are many tools which can be used to analyse your backlink profile. We really don’t have the time to analyse tools in detail in this article, but here are a few to consider:

  • Majestic SEO – My tool of choice. View your own backlink profile for free. Ongoing paid subscriptions start from £30 + taxes per month
  • Ahrefs – Register and try this for free. It’s paid membership to use on an ongoing basis

What To Do Next
If you believe you have a toxic backlink profile then take action! There are many automated tools available, but there is no real substitution for elbow grease, it’s a case of rolling the sleeves up and getting stuck into managing your toxic backlink issue.

Here is a recommended process:

  • Create a spreadsheet and analyse your links into different categories (e.g. toxic, good, now deleted, “no-follow”, etc.
  • Using your spreadsheet, for all toxic backlinks you should follow this process:
  • Write to the sites where you have the backlink and ask for removal. Repeat this two more times if you get no answer. If you get asked to pay money to remove a link don’t – disavow instead
  • If you can’t get a link removed then request that the link is disavowed using tools such as Google, Bing and Yahoo disavow tools. This is basically saying you wish to distance yourself from the link. It’s always better to ask for permanent removal first as search engines may ask for this evidence

The above is a very specialist process, it is often advisable to seek the services of a specialist SEO Company such as Fluid Digital to advice on your best strategy for backlinks and how to safely remove them.


Increase Your Facebook Likes – Use This Platform to Your Advantage

Increase Your Facebook Likes – Use This Platform to Your Advantage

Gaining success in business is simple if you have right resources and strategy. Facebook is an effective tool that could help you to nourish online business. Read on what all you could do to increase the productivity of your business.

There are different methods with which you could increase your online presence. Some of these methods include:

  • Facebook advertisements to boost your visibility
  • Facebook contests
  • Avoid over promotion of your business

Many companies conduct facebook contest to become successful. In this way, you could get an opportunity to communicate better with your facebook fans. It is a wonderful strategy to develop strong relationship with your potential customers. To strengthen your relation, you must understand the need of a fan base.

What Are The Benefits Of Conducting Contests On Facebook?

Many artists and businessmen have utilized this method and they have received millions of likes on the facebook pages. If your fans will establish a connection with you, they will not hesitate to direct their friends to your page. What about introducing an attractive photo contest? You could display photos of your products. Make sure that whatever photos you upload are strictly professional.

Importance Of Posting Facebook Advertisement On Website

Facebook advertisements are cheap and an effective way of attracting crowd. To attract maximum audience, you have to ensure that your advertisement includes catchy titles, photos etc. not only this, the photo must describe the whole motive of your business and the facebook page.

Increase Your Facebook Likes - Use This Platform to Your Advantage

Whatever text you include, it has to make sense. It will surely increase the credibility of your business. Before posting the ad, you have to decide your target audience. You could select them either on the basis of their gender or age or any other parameter.

Understand The Difference Between Promotion And Over Promotion Of Services

There is a hairline difference between promoting and over promoting your product or services. Avoid over promoting your company to gain more fans’ likes. You might gain short-term success, but later your fans will realize that you are exaggerating the topic. Besides liking your page, these fans will recommend your products and services to their dear ones.

Hence, it is really important to fulfill the need of your fans and keep your facebook page interesting and innovative. You could include some links that could direct your fans to helpful websites. Try to have much discussions related to your product and make sure that your fans are involved in it.

What All We Could Conclude?

Facebook is the hot topic in the market. If you wish to increase online traffic, there is no better option than this social networking site. It provides a useful social media platform where you could attract potential clients. To grow your business, it is important to make it visible among the target audience. One way of increasing your online presence is to create a facebook page and try to grab maximum likes. This will globally recognize your business.

Author’s Bio:

James Harris works with one of the reputed social media and online marketing company. If you want to increase your fan club and get maximum likes on your business Facebook page, you can also visit their website.